Law of Nature ‘Kanagawa’ T-Shirt


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This Kanagawa Wave Male / Female T-Shirt Is Ideal For Fans Of Japanese Culture But Especially For Those Who Love Nature! This Law Of Nature T-Shirt Represents The Waves Of Kanagawa As Well As A Cat!

This Kanagawa wave t-shirt for men / women is for all nature enthusiasts and lovers of the streetwear look. Considered the best-known of Japan’s thirty-six views of Mount Fuji these waves are the work of Japanese painter Hokusai. This oversized Japanese t-shirt also features a cat with its mouth wide open and a red full moon.

This  Japanese Oversize T-Shirt  Has Specifically Been Designed To Offer A Pleasant Feeling Of Comfort And Lightness For The Man And / Or The Woman Who Will Wear It Thanks To Its Cotton Composition! This  Low Of Nature T-Shirt With  Short Sleeves And A Round Neck Is Perfect In Summer As In Winter.

The Kanagawa Wave T-Shirt for men / women is a loose garment that allows you to move freely. Whether in town or at home this law of nature t-shirt will do the trick for a trendy and fashionable look. 

Superior Quality : knitted cotton construction

Printed Pattern : ultra precise 3D digital printing

Maximum comfort : soft to the touch and without unpleasant friction

Care instructions: machine wash at 40 ° quick drying




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