Japanese Oversized T-Shirt ‘Flower of Life’


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This Japanese Style Man / Woman Habit Represents Flowers As Well As Birds Highlighting All The Splendor Of Japanese Culture. This Japanese Oversized T-Shirt is suitable for men as well as women who love elegance and casual style!

This Japanese style suit for men / women is embellished with a high quality fully embroidered pattern. It represents flowers as well as birds. Just like cherry blossoms floral and animal designs are highly regarded in Japanese culture. Located on the back of this streetwear t-shirt these patterns give it extraordinary elegance.

No detail has been left to chance whether it be the color the cut or the pattern to make this Japanese oversized t-shirt the garment to have in their dressing room for anyone adept of the chic and casual look.

This Japanese oversized T-shirt is sure to please nature fans. Comfortable and soft to the touch this oversized Japanese t-shirt has been designed from a quality material that provides a pleasant feeling of comfort.


  • Superior Quality  : knitted cotton construction
  • Embroidered  pattern : made with a thick and ultra resistant embroidery thread 
  • Maximum comfort  : soft to the touch and without unpleasant friction
  • “”Oversize”” “”cut for a guaranteed Asian streetwear style
  • Care instructions: machine wash at 40 ° quick drying



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